Patek Philippe Replica Watches Heritage Chronometrie Quantieme Annuel Vasco Da Gama Limited Edition Version

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A classic dial of silver color lies beneath the sapphire front crystal. The dial features one Arabic numeral at its top. Other hour positions are indicated by applied bar-shaped markers. All these components, including the central sword-shaped hands and double-faceted central hands, have red gold plating, regardless of which version they are. The calendar indicator that shows the smallest number of months is the one with the smallest scale. It is located just below 12 o'clock and has six inscriptions that include abbreviations of months. Six months are also represented by dot-shaped markers, which are placed in between. There are also slightly larger counters for the days of week and dates,Patek Philippe Replica Watches which are located at nine o’clock and three hours respectively. As is usual, the last indication for the phases is located at the bottom. This display is different from the others. It is not completely circular and is instead broken at the lower portion that is used to show the brand's name.

Patek Philippe Replica Watches Chronometrie Heritage Quantieme Annuel's functioning is based upon caliber MB29.18. The mechanical movement has 25 jewels and is built on the Selita SW200 base mechanism. It is enhanced with an edition of the in-house designed, constructed, and built mechanism that is used to create the annual calendar feature. The caliber operates at a fast-paced frequency, 4 Hz. It is a self-winding movement that can run for approximately 42 hours.

The watch's subdued look is connected to the lugs, which have a slightly curved shape and a polished finish. These are used for attaching the in-house manufactured leather wristlet to its housing. top replica watches This strap is made of black alligator leather. It is manufactured in Florence, an Italian city.

Limited Editions Vasco Da Gama These limited editions are not restricted to this model. All watches in the Chronometrie-Heriatge series have similar commemorative details and are launched in limited editions.

Patek Philippe Replica Watches Heriatge Chronometrie Quantieme Annuel Wasco Da Gama Watch Dial Detail

The Vasco Da Gama model is dedicated to the naval explorer. One of the most striking details in such nature is the beautiful representation of the Southern hemisphere night sky. This is to honor the journey that the explorer took to reach his destination. The dial's bottom is covered in a deep blue lacquered section. It surrounds the indication of the moon phase. It is very striking and dominated by the Southern Cross constellation,Franck Muller Replica which dominates the night sky of the southern half. There is another tribute on the opposite side of the case. This is a detail that is a drawing of an explorer's ship, which is painted on the transparent sapphire portion of the case-back.

Prices for each model's variants are different, and they depend on their exclusivity and material. The basic steel model is the most affordable, and can be purchased for $7,275. The price for the basic model with an 18-k red gold housing is not yet known. It will only be available in 316 copies, and will cost $7,450. The most expensive version of the watch will be the one with a restricted gold case. It will be made in 238 pieces, and will retail for around $12,375.